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Fitness Equipment


1:1 Online or in person can be at homes, outside or in a private gym with or without children present!

2 : 1 /  3: 1 / small group personal training at a discounted rate!

Posture analysis and deviation correctional exercise services

Mobile fitness classes to your office or home

Mobile Holistic Sound Therapy

Coaching nutrition or exercise 1 :1 or Online

Teacher's fitness classes at your school

Group personal training sessions can be provided upon request - please contact for more information.


Initial 1:1 consultation plan setting face to face £25 p/h or via facetime £17 1 : 1 personal training  £43 p/h each

2 : 1 personal training £ 27 p/h each

3 : 1 personal training £18 p/h each

Group pt up to 6 people £12 p/h each

Bookings for 1 time a week for monthly bookings receive

 the following discounts-

1 month 10%

2 months 15 % 

3 months 20%

Bookings for 2 times a week for monthly bookings 

receive the following discounts- 

1 month 15%

2 months 20%

3 months 25%

4 months 30%

Posture analysis and correctional service £60  with a exercise plan included and ongoing support available 

Nutrition coaching 

£30 p/h for initial consultation and goal setting

Online support £20 p/h meeting

Package £70 per month

for a nutrition overhaul and

guidance with weekly check in psychological and

emotional support via text  or phone

Mobile Holistic Sound Therapy

Chakra singing bowl Sound therapy to your home, workplace or private venue

Prices start from £45 per hour

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